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Looking to create the custom closet of your dreams? Without good design you may be working against yourself. Don’t worry if you follow these simple rules of Custom Closet Design your dreams can come true!

Barry Cantrell

Barry Cantrell

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Owner of SoCal Carpentry. Expert in custom closet design, wood working and so much more!

Custom closet design is not easy! It will take time to find a space for all of your belongings, setting up the perfect spot to display your necklace collection, your Louis Vulliton shoes and your Gucci Suits. Okay, maybe not everything you have is that high end but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be displayed in an organized and easy to find fashion. With the correct Custom Closet Design all your pieces will have a home.

Custom Closet Design

1. Know the dimensions of your clothes! They’re bigger than you think.

Did you know that folded sweaters and shirts require 9 to 15 inches of linear space, EACH! Or that coats can require up to 68″ of vertical space. Some more facts you may not know, Pants and Jeans can require up to 50 inches of vertical space and Skirts require up to 45 inches of vertical space. But how does that play into the design of your custom closet?

Well you can minimize the space that it takes to store your jeans and pants by creating a space to fold them, reduce the 50 inches to 25 inches of linear space. One thing to be aware of is the width and depth of all of your clothes. Most custom cabinet panels will range from 14-24inches and that is perfect for most clothing items, but any panels with less depth may not work for you and your clothing. Plan accordingly when thinking about your custom closet design by selecting the perfect spaces for each piece.

2. Include the right amount of double and single hang sections.

Do you know the difference? Take an inventory of the clothing items that you have, this can vary by location. SoCal Carpentry has been building Custom Closets in San Diego for years and is based in San Diego California, so winter jackets are not something we run into a whole lot, but if you’re into Skiing then you may have a bunch! Shirts, blouses and slacks belong on Double hangs, while jackets and coats normally need single hangs.

If dresses and gowns are not something that you have a lot of then you can minimalize your single hang space and utilize that space for shoes, jewelry and other items.

Custom Closet Design San Diego

3. Use Corners to Your Advantage

Corners can and will absolutely ruin your custom closet design unless you plan correctly! Make the most of your corners. The best approach is to utilize as much space as possible. Corner shelves allow you to do just that, stack the extra shoeboxes or items that you don’t need to need on a day to day basis. Make the most of your space and reduce clutter by making the most of your custom cabinet design.

4. (This doesn’t work for everyone but its amazing) Create a closet island!

Islands are not just for kitchens anymore! Make sure that your custom closet design includes an island! This is the perfect way to display your beautiful jewelry pieces, ties, or shoes! This also allows a space for pull out drawers, outlets for charging your phone and so much more! Just make sure you have the space, the last thing you want to do is make your closet harder to navigate. A general rule of thumb would be to leave a 36 inch walkway on both sides of the island.

5. Don’t Forget the Shoes!

A Built in Shoe Rack for your custom closet will absolutely change the way you get dressed each day! Plus, shoes are not cheap, don’t leave them on the ground where they will be destroyed or covered with junk and debris. Follow this rule of custom cabinet design to ensure that your shoes have a proper space in your closet. Utilize space underneath your shirt section to display your shoes, or if you’re a true shoe enthusiast give them their own section with lighting and racks to allow you to display them by style!

6. Make room for a bench!

After a long day at the office, the last thing you want to do is come home to a less than desirable experience when all your want is your favorite pair of thermal PJ’s. Make room for a bench and give yourself a place to sit and relax in between switching out of your suit and into your footie pajamas. Need a place to hide when the inlaws are in town? How about making your closet into the perfect retreat when you need a minute away.

7. Hire a professional for your custom closet design.

Sure, this is definitely a shameless plug. But designing and building your own custom closet is no easy task. Take a look at our Custom Closet page or our Custom Cabinetry page for more information. SoCal Carpentry has been serving San Diego with Custom Closets and Custom Closet design for years! We are the leading experts at creating the perfect closet for your home at an affordable price. Sure, there are plenty of companies in the San Diego area that provide Custom Closets, but none with the level of service, dedication and design abilities of SoCal Carpentry that can offer an affordable price that will allow you to make your dreams come true.

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