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Custom Shelving

Custom Shelving from SoCal Carpentry Custom Shelving By SoCal Carpentry, San Diego, California. No matter how big your home is, it can feel small really quickly if you're not organized. Maybe you need to organize your office or store your book collection. Custom...

Window Seats

Custom Window Seats from SoCal Carpentry Window Seats by SoCal Carpentry By SoCal Carpentry, San Diego, California. A window seat can be great for a number of reasons, whether you are short on space, short on seating or just want to build a comfortable and unique...

Custom Closets

Custom Closets By SoCal Carpentry, San Diego, California. A custom closet can make a huge improvement in your day to day life. Couples constantly argue about closet space, you waste time each day trying to find that jacket or pair of shoes that are at the bottom of a...

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