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Custom Shelving from SoCal Carpentry

Custom Shelving San Diego
Custom Shelving San Diego
Custom Closets San Diego

Custom Shelving

By SoCal Carpentry, San Diego, California.

No matter how big your home is, it can feel small really quickly if you’re not organized. Maybe you need to organize your office or store your book collection. Custom Shelves from SoCal Carpentry is the solution you’re looking for. Adding custom shelves can be great for design but it is truly great for organization for any room in your home or at your business.

SoCal Carpentry can create any custom shelving that you need. Book Shelves, Shelves with hooks for your pots and pans in the kitchen, floating shelves for your living room, shelves with baskets to store toys, papers or anything else that you need. By adding custom shelving you will drastically increase the feel of your home or office, get the clutter out of the way and make it well organized with custom shelving from SoCal Carpentry.

SoCal Carpentry is not just a custom shelving builder, take a look at some of our other services Custom Carpentry, Finishing, Furniture, and Trim.

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Custom Shelving Options

  • Floating shelves offer a very modern and beautiful look, with no exposed brackets holding them up. Floating shelves are sturdy enough for books, electronics or any other use that you need.
  • Custom Shelves in the kitchen can increase your storage space, if your cabinets are cluttered move the pots and pans out of the way with shelving that has hooks for holding your larger items, making them easily accessible and convenient for spaces that lack space.
  • Custom Shelving with baskets built in provide an excellent way to get clutter from your kids room off of the ground. If you’re tired of stepping on legos add custom shelving to add organization to your childs play space.
  • Do you have existing shelving that you would like to upgrade? Have SoCal Carpentry build custom shelving brackets that give your shelves a fresh new look.
  • Specialized racks to allow you to hang all of your clothes, keeping them off of the ground and perfectly organized.

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